AxxonSoft Identity Guide

Here you can find the important information how to use AxxonSoft brand identity. Also you can download some materials such as logotypes, brochures and other POS-materials.


Main logotype

Used in printed material (CMYK or PMS versions) and digitally published material (RGB versions). You can use the main logotype in original palettes for print with no limits. Only on the white background.

Light alternative

For the dark backgrounds you have to use the other specialized logotype.

Monochrome alternative

Monochrome logo you can use only in cases when it is impossible to print all colors of the logotype. The print can be black, white and grey tones. 

Logotype fields & spaces

The free space is based on a grid created by the “Axxon” symbol in 100% of placed size and the standard free space around the AxxonSoft logotype.

NOTE: For cases when you need to use minimum sizes of fields (for ex. business cards, scratch cards etc.) you can reduce fields, but not less 7 mm.

Minimum logo size

If the print technologies don’t allow print the tagline you can remove it only for these kind of cases.

Optical center

In case when you need center the logo relatively to the other object, you have to move the logo to the right approximately 1/4 «Axxon» symbol.  

Usage restrictions

Do not change the rotational degree of the logo and its elements.

Do not move elements of the logo.

Do not use the shadow under the logo.

Do not change the color of the logo elements.

Do not scale the elements of the logo.

Do not distort the proportions of the logo.

Here you can download the archive with AxxonSoft logotype in different formats: EPS, PDF, PNG. Also you can find two more types of the logotype: logo without tagline and light version for dark backgrounds.


C=100 M=60 Y=0 K=40

R=0 G=64 B=119

H=2070 S=100% B=46%

Pantone 294 C

C=15 M=10 Y=0 K=35

R=164 G=168 B=180

H=2240 S=8% B=70%

Pantone 7543 C

C=0 M=60 Y=100 K=0

R=239 G=125 B=0

H=310 S=100% B=93%

Pantone 716 C

C=0 M=33 Y=100 K=0

R=250 G=180 B=0

H=420 S=100% B=98%

Pantone 7409 C

C=70 M=0 Y=95 K=0

R=81 G=175 B=61

H=1080 S=65% B=68%

Pantone 361 C

C=90 M=30 Y=0 K=0

R=0 G=135 B=204

H=1990 S=100% B=80%

Pantone 7689 C

C=50 M=70 Y=0 K=0

R=149 G=96 B=164

H=2860 S=41% B=64%

Pantone 265 C

C=0 M=90 Y=30 K=0

R=232 G=51 B=110

H=3400 S=77% B=90%

Pantone 7424 C


Primary typeface

Exljbris License
Version 1.0.0

Pavel Cherenkov, ITV Group.

You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.

This fonts family is used to extract paragraphs, contrast text, and headings.

Secondary typeface

Apache License
Version 2.0, January 2004.

You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.

This fonts family is used for writing the main text field, highlighting fragments of the text, and giving contrast.

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