Booth design guide


1. Walls should have the max height limit (all depends on the specific requirements of the administration).

2. Light box with AxxonSoft map at prime location. Either the area of the map is highlighted for lighting and the map is left as a poster.

3. Technology partners poster is located on any visible secondary wall.

4. The 3D logo on the main wall (above the video wall) should have a directional white or daylight.

5. Video wall consists of a minimum of 4 monitors. The video wall is located on the primary wall. The lower part of the video wall shouldn’t intersect with the average height of the person if the height of the booth allows. Around the video wall should be a place to indicate the key features. Please pay attention that we need to have an access to the back side of the videowall and it also should be with the ventilation.

Contractor will help Axxon to install and dismantle all cameras before and after the event!
Contractor must have experience in installing cameras and cabling.


6. Crown should be on the top of the booth. As high as it possible (it must be accepted by administration).

7. The booth should  be very good lighting. 

8. The location of the logos on the stand, as well as other elements of the corporate identity should match the brand book.

9. Raised floor is laminate either white or light wood color (with edge lit). The cables are to be under the floor.

10. Roof and Walls. On the roof and walls we mount around 20-25 IP cameras on  different locations and luminaires. Some of the cameras should be used to organize various scenarios of video surveillance.

Work stations & receptions

11. Reception counters. The reception must be designed in the style of AxxonSoft. The company logo is required. The height of the reception is approximately 110-120 cm.

12. Light box with special graphics for each workplace. It can be both a lightbox and an accented lighted poster. The graphs are located above the monitors and convey the essence of what is happening on the monitor.

13. Meeting place. The amount of tables depends on the size of the stand. Important! Tables must have smooth edges to avoid injury. The type of “furniture” should be combined with the booth style (this is the color and style).

14. Work stations. Each work station includes: a monitor + locker + light graphic poster. The width of the workplace is determined by the size of the monitor (from 32’ to 50‘ and plus at least 10 cm from the edges of the monitor). The height of a locker is approximately 110 cm. The height from a locker to a monitor is 15 cm, and leave a minimum of 40 cm in height above the monitor for graphics. The work station should be with local lighting. In the lockers zones must be provided ventilation holes. Access to servers should be convenient.

15. The utility room should be in comfort sizes. Entrance to the utility room must be at least 70 cm wide. The door must be opened in such way that it does’t interfere with people and doesn’t be traumatic.

Here you can download the complete PDF with the same Booth Design Guide information.

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